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Smart Touch Alarm System PH-G2

Product category: Intruder Alarm System
PH-G2 alarm control panel is combine technology with stylish design into one.whoever thas it for the house, it will bring absolute security and sense of fashion.
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PH-G2 Alarm control Panel is conbine technology with stylish design into one. Whoever has it for the house, it will bring absolute security and sense of fashion.


D.I.Y Installation and Easy Operation

PH-G2 is a D.I.Y GSM SMS home alarm system which enable to arm/disarm,program alarm numbers through text message command directly on cell phone or App on smart phones.

Direct Phone Call

Through the touch keypad on the main panel, users can setup alarm phone numbers, and inquiry balance money of the SIM card in alarm panel, yo can make phone calls directly and do all the operations for the system.

Built-in Siren

PH-G2 comes with internal siren, user can D.I.Y to setup the sirn's alarming time beween 0 to 254s

24 Wireless Alarm Zones

PH-G2 comes with 24 wireless alarm zones, 6 fire alarm zones and 2 wired alarm zones, user ca add additional sensors to each of these zones as their mind. It is able to program 20 remote controllers or panic buttons for the necessary.

Main functions:
1. iOS APP and Android APP;
2. Engish,Russian,German,Frence,Spanish,Chinese,etc.
3. Touch keypad, enable to arm/disarm/home mode/direct ph via keypad
4. Learning code, support 2262 (4.7M) and 1527 (330k) encoding chip
5. Two-way communication,
6. 24 wireless zones, 6 fire alarm zones, 20 remote controllers or panic button and 2 wired zones
7. Silence alarm and sounds alarm for optional
8. Setup 3 numbers for SMS, 3 numbers for calling
9. Delay alarm function (0-60 seconds optional)
10. Setup siren ringing time (0-254 seconds optional)
11. Wireless transmission for wireless siren and 2 routes wireless relays
12. Enable control the alarm via SMS and phone keypad
13. Home mode function
14. Record voice for 10 seconds
15. 10 hours standby battery, external power failure/recovery alarm function (optional)
16. Siren prompt when arm/disarm
17. SMS prompt when arm/disarm

1. Wireless frequency: 315MHz/433MHz;
2. GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
3. Alarm response time: ≤8s (GSM signal in normal)
4. Power requirements
Input: AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz Output: DC 12V/1A
Working consumption:< 0.6W  
Backup battery: DC7.4V/850mAh
Backup battery working hours: ≥10 hours
5. Working condition

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