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Patrol Hawk products make a stage pose at IFSEC



The third day of ESSEN SECURITY EXHIBITION: Patrol Hawks smart security system makes a new stage pose at ESSEN SECURITY FAIR on 25-28th Sept, 2018 in Germany.

Patrol Hawk especially shows smart WiFi/4G/GPRS alarm system Vcare 4, here is some highlights for this system.

 WiFi/4G dual-network transmission alarm information

 Lora technology realize long range transmission distance

 Smart sockets linkage lights/home appliance


 30 fire smoke sensors

New Product - An Artificial Intelligence (AI) Power Strip


3 AC power outlets and 3 USBs

Safety lock to prohibit children to use the power strip

Monitoring voltage, current, power and power consumption (KWH)

Local control by offline voice recognition

Light intensity location

High temperature/fire/water leakage alarm

Remote control by offline voice control



Patrol Hawk attracts a large number of intentions customers for its high-quality anti-theft products, superior service and advanced technological innovative ability.Though further negotiation,Patrol Hawks alarm system is accepted by customers again the favourable market effect.

Keep moving and lets do more better and better.



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