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Quality Department Zhong Hongmei six-star mentality learn to share

To Sinda time is not long, only just over a month 's time, but Don always confused this valuable learning opportunities available to me, and I thank the company to pay . Learning is a baptism of three days and two nights of the soul, feeling a lot .
  Building life by building on our own , all within our grasp .
  We are the root of all problems.
  We want to change the current situation , we need to change ourselves .
  Like how to change ourselves and choose what kind of way to change ourselves is very important.
  To change ourselves, first of all we have a good mentality.
  A good attitude is like the universe illuminated by the sun every corner of the world , a negative attitude is like the first and fifteenth of the moon is not the same every day. I will have a positive attitude to face everything, face -quality brand new job, I will have to pay sustained effort and responsibility to live up to my expectations Eagle Patrol . I'm really serious work to do to improve production efficiency , product quality, product quality will go up goes without saying that our own comprehensive quality has also been improved.
  Eagle patrol our joint efforts , created a high -quality burglar alarm products , to achieve a world-class brand theft dreams .

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