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Wireless Alarm System G1C
Wireless Alarm System G1C

This GSM alarm system PH-G1 adopts GSM network and Digital Signal Processing technology, and is widely used in security field. With a GSM SIM card, it can be used wherever you want and no need to connect to a telephone line, it is more convenient and easier to install and use.

GSM alarm system G50B
GSM alarm system G50B

LCD display and keypad for easy program
24 Wreless zones and 2 wired alarm zones
Support countless wireless sensors
Store 3 alarm phone numbers and 3 SMS numbers
30s delay arn
2 way-communication

China burglar alarm systems G11
China burglar alarm systems G11

2 way-communication
Remote monitoring by SMS & phone
Voice prompt
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery backup
Power-off alerm
With Patrol Hawk contact-ID, compatible with CMS.
Support quad-band

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