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Security Exhibition successful conclusion, the staff you have worked hard[ 2014-01-16 ]
November 1 , the fourth day of the show . Today is the fourth day of the show , is also the last day of the exhibition, the exhibition staff have worked hard for several days still not relaxed , still adhere to their respective jobs . After several days of the...
Become a respected world-class security alarm business is our vision[ 2014-01-16 ]
October 30, show the next day. 9:00, Sinda all personnel to military gesture to show the exhibition in front of everybody, unified uniforms, mettlesome morning, patrol hawk once again demonstrating a burglar alarm company's brand image. The next person to at...
Reading Eagle Patrol CPSE 2013[ 2014-01-16 ]
25 years of growth process has been carried out for 13 , to 1989, the first session was held in the SAR Shenzhen CPSE , every two years ,
Sinda minimalist appearance CPSE[ 2014-01-16 ]
October 29, 2013 , the Fourteenth CPSE held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre , major businesses set up booths to show the company style.
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